31 August, 2007

THE BARRACUDAS - THE K.G.B. (Made A Man Out Of Me)


THE BARRACUDAS - 'I Can't Pretend' / The K.G.B. (Made A Man Out Of Me)' (Zonophone Z17) 1981

Outstanding double sided garage rock inspired 45 by my all time faves The Barracudas. The top side is the Robin Wills original 'I Can't Pretend'. It's only vaguely 60s though. It has the appealing commercial hooks of prime time '66 but this has a more 70s punk attitude.

'The K.G.B. (Made A Man Out Of Me)' is just as cool with a killer punk beat and a very nice guitar break. I really dig Nicky Turner's drumming on this track. This song was not part of the 'Drop Out With The Barracudas' LP released on Voxx Records in 1982 so maybe many of you won't have heard it before.

The Barracudas skirted with UK chart fame with 'Summer Fun', even appearing on TOTP. I finally saw this TV action a few years ago and was astonished how bad Jeremy Gluck was. He must have took a few too many lines of speed in the 'Green' room or something that evening?

Jeremy Gluck (vocals)
Nicky Turner (drums)
Robin Wills (guitar)
David Buckley (bass)

'The K.G.B. (Made A Man Out Of Me)' was recorded at Manchester Square Studios.
'I Can't Pretend' was recorded at Rockfield Studios.

30 August, 2007

KNAVE - Bachelor

KNAVE - 'Bachelor' / 'Candy' (Detour Records DR037) 1996

'Bachelor' is a storming hammond mod floor filler but 'Candy' is a disappointment. I think the pic cover is excellent. The modsters threads are hanging nicely on the wall above his bed, there are nude pictures on the wall as well as a band shot of The Who and records and dirty plates litter the floor. ha ha ha ....
Here's what the cover liners said about the band....

From the depths of London we've seen many a great young band, but after listening to this 45 rpm gem, you can write the majority of 'em off.
Recorded at London's legendary Toe-Rag Studios, you know exactly what yer gonna get. Great hammond fueled, 60s influenced, lyrically brilliant, in yer face wonderment.
Jon-Paul Harper is renowned for his excellence with a pen and is pretty good on the 'ol guitar too. The one and only Trevor French has a voice that any budding young vocalist would die for, taking you back to the days when Steve Marriott packed the Palladium. With the bass talent of Steve Duffield, alongside Paul Newman's crazy hammond antics and the retiring young Stephen Mason thrashing that kit, they travel the world in their well known and much loved ambulance. Knave are the band to keep your eyes on.....

There's nothing like self promotion but the production by future White Stripes Producer Liam Watson is good, very good!!!

'Bachelor' is ready to dig in stereo!

The MOURNING AFTER - She Means Nothing To Me

The MOURNING AFTER - 'She Means Nothing To Me' / 'Day Tripper' (Detour Records 072) 1999

This was The Mourning After's third and final release on the Detour label. In fact it has proved to be their final ever 45 which is a shame because I think they finally got a sound down on vinyl that does them justice. So many of their previous releases have been hampered by 'modern' production. I'm something of a purist and modern production doesn't do much for me at all.

Still, The Mourning After were never a purist band. Hell, they very rarely did any cover versions live. Chris Blackburn always had enough crypt kickers of his own. And that my friends is where The Mourning After were ahead of the game in some respects. The original line up really rocked in the live domain.

'She Means Nothing To Me' starts off with pumping bass lines before rockin' into the some cool guitar and organ. I also dig the background female vocals that really add a sinister touch. Listen out for the killer guitar break. This may also be Chris' strongest ever lead vocal.

The flip is a version of The Beatles tune 'Day Tripper' and is the only cover they've released on record.. This time around it's Fee's chance to shine. I really dig her vocals. It's a shame this was the first and last time they were used. Nice to see them still using a Mourning After logo I designed for them way back in the 80s. This was meant for the drum kit but it looks good revolving around my turntable at 45 r.p.m.

'She Means Nothing To Me' and 'Day Tripper' MP3s below.

28 August, 2007

The MYSTREATED - There's No Escape

The MYSTREATERS - At The Rivers Edge



THE JAYBIRDS - 'Save My Soul' / 'King Lonely The Blue' / 'Shake' / 'Baby I Need' (Animal Records s040) 1996

Perennial favourites at Expo67 HQ are of course The Jaybirds. On this obscure and now hard to find EP on Animal Records, the Austrian purists take some freakbeat pills and turn in four classy scorchin' snarlers.

'Save My Soul' originally by The Wimple Winch is a note perfect rendition, almost identical to the original with the slow build up before cruising into thunderous freakbeat punk, closing with some cool fuzzy wah wah.
A Tim Rose cover 'King Lonely The Blue' is next up and is again firmly centred around prime '66 mod/beat. It's a very purist approach. These guys certainly know how to get 'that' sound. Nice soulful vocals struggle to be heard over the throbbing bass and fuzzy punk guitars.

The second side of the EP starts with a cover of the often covered 'Shake'. This is a song I've never had much feelings for. Just too souly for me. Fortunately The Jaybirds turn it into a rave-up and come off sounding like The Sorrows.
'Baby I Need' once again flicks on the freakbeat switch. I've got no clue if this is an original or not. If anyone knows for sure let me know....thanks

The Jaybirds recorded these four tracks at EKM Studio, Vienna in November 1996 and according to the sleeve notes the songs were live favourites and the band decided to record them soon after the release of their acclaimed LP 'Going Our Own Ways'.


30. The GREEN TELESCOPE - 'Face In A Crowd' / 'Thoughts Of A Madman' (Wump Records BIF 4811) 1986

This was the second and last 45 by Edinburgh's Green Telescope. After this record they would change their name to The Thanes Of Cawdor then shorten that to The Thanes.

I love this 45. Both sides are killer. 'Face In A Crowd' written by Lenny Helsing is a frantic beat punker complete with caveman screams, reedy organ and a nice touch of maracas. To me this sounds more like Dutch punk as opposed to American garage. It's a great song whatever the influence!

The other side is a cover of the 1967 no hit wonder by The Nomads. Yes they had the balls to tackle (pun intended) 'Thoughts Of A Madman'. Not only that but in my opinion it is far better than the original. Lenny won't thank me for this or agree but his 60s garage punk vocals are amazing.
Hold on to your hat when the fuzz kicks in at 1 minute 20 seconds....
Both songs were recorded at Roslin Glen Studios.

Lenny Helsing recently contacted me with the line-ups of The Green Telescope when recording the 45s reviewed. The line up for the Wump release was as follows:
Lenny Helsing (lead vocals/fuzz guitar/maracas) Bruce Lyall (organ) Alan McLean (bass) and Mal Kergan (drums)


THE CRIMSON SHADOWS - 'It's Cold' / 'I Want You To Leave Me' / 'Night Of The Maniacs' (Mystery Scene EP) 1987
Snotty teen punks from Sweden who were short lived, released a couple of records, drank beer, played a handful of gigs then fell out before splitting for good. The tracks on this EP were never released when they were around. The recordings were made at Siljans Studio on the 13th and 14th September 1985, apart from the throwaway 'Night Of The Maniacs' which was recorded in Peter Maniette's kitchen.

'It's Cold' written by Mans Mansson is the gem here. It's a very sloppy punker full of bum notes and with some good garage vocals from Jens Lindberg. It really stands out. Could possibly have been a 'proper' 45 had they stayed around long enough.

Henrik Orrje (harmonica and tambourine)
Peter Maniette (farfisa and vox)
Mans Mansson (guitar and vocals)
Johan Maniette (drums)
Jens Lindberg (bass and vocals)


The NUTHINS - Girl Has Gone

The NUTHINS - Girl Has Gone (Larsen Recordz FZ010) 1995

I've rescued this killer from a free CD given away with Larsen Fanzine No10. 'Girl Has Gone' is a frantic folk punker with magical 12 string jangle and farfisa organ. The bass and the jangle try and out do each other. Both fighting for prominence.

I remember telling Mojo Mills years ago via a letter (pre email days) that The Nuthins should have released this as a single. He advised me that he did regret not using it. Sadly The Nuthins are no more but the good news is that 'Girl Has Gone' lights up my eyes every time I play it.

I've boosted the volume on this track by 5dB. The sound on the original CD is not loud enough. This MP3 will sound way better than the CD version. I'm gonna review another guitar/organ pounder by The Nuthins at a later date.

The MOCK TURTLES - Time Between

The MOCK TURTLES - Time Between (Imaginary Records LP 004) 1989

Here's a classic cover version of The Byrds song 'Time Between'. This cut was part of the mostly great collection put together by Imaginary Records of modern day bands paying their respect to the greatest ever American 60s band.

I can't say I dig The Mock Turtles (I don't own any of their records nor have felt the need to do so. They were part of the English indie scene in the late 80s early 90s that did nothing for me) however, they certainly did a crackin' interpretation of this Chris Hillman tune.

They turn the song into a 12 string jangle fest without any hint of the country rock Hillman's original has. Midway through the coolness they strangely throw in a few lines from 'Why' but it works!
The vocals are pretty good also. This is easily my favourite track on this LP.

Click to play or download and let the jangle commence.

27 August, 2007


LOS COVERS - 'I Try' / 'Can't Stop This Feelin' / 'Nothing to Say' (Thunder Pussy 007) 1995

Spanish mod band Los Covers appear to have a fixation with their English heroes The Small Faces and The Spencer Davis Group in equal measure. I can take or leave 'Can't Stop This Feelin' and 'I Try' which are a little bit too souly for my tastes but 'Nothing To Say' fits my criteria nicely.

This one sounds much more R&B but retains that element of soul ala Small Faces. It's also got a swirling organ sound that I know plenty of people dig!

Xoel Lopez (guitar and vocals)
Nacho Mora (bass)
Marcos Collantes (drums)
Patricia Keina (organ)

Recorded and mixed at Odds Studios, Gijon on 29th October 1995.
Produced by Felix Dominquez

25 August, 2007

The FROSTED FLAYKES - Rockin' Rhythm

The FROSTED FLAYKES - 'Waste Your Time' / 'Rockin' Rhythm' (Midnight Records 4507) 1984

Ensconced in my favourite Midnight Records picture sleeve (not hard because they were usually rubbish) is this crudely recorded double sided garage 45 by New York band The Frosted Flaykes. Both songs in fairness are virtually the same. One has vocals the other is an instrumental. But both have that raw 60s trashy style that I don't normally go for but they win me over with the cover which is Grrrrreat!! as Tony The Tiger would say.

'Rockin' Rhythm' is a fuzz blast and I dig the fuzzzz. So play or download the MP3 and make your own mind up.

The line-up on The Frosted Flaykes only 45 were:

Jordan Tarlow (guitar and pan?...told you it was primitive)
Mike Chandler (harmonica)
Fast Freddie (drums)
Joe (bass)

Jordan Tarlow later played with The Outta Place, The Morlocks and the late 80s line up of The Fuzztones. Mike Chandler co-wrote some songs for the Fuzztones and later became lead singer of The Raunch Hands.

24 August, 2007

The LYRES - Boston

The LYRES - 'Boston' / 'Shake It Some More' (Norton Records 45-020) 1993

I'm not the biggest Lyres fan around and have only maybe got about half of their recorded output but I dig this 45 a lot. 'Boston' is of course the Gene Clark demo song that The Byrds overlooked for their debut album. Here, The Lyres strip it back to the bones (not that there was much 'flesh' on the original) and create a garage rocker.

It's certainly a basic plod but I think it works well because it has a primal beat, heavy bass lines and the mono man's Vox Continental organ (which is a cool sound). Mid way through 'Boston' the band decide to play 'Dirty Water' by The Standells (ha ha ha) it's like two great songs for the price of one and all about their home town of Boston.

'Shake It Some More' is another garage rock tune and I'm sure I've heard it done by some other band. The writer credit is 'Sheridan' and it could be an original by Dutch Beat band The Jay Jays. I'll do a bit research and confirm later?

Also the band on the cover is obviously not The Lyres. Can anyone confirm who these country looking hicks were on the picture sleeve? The bass player looks like one of those scary inbreeds from 70s film Deliverance.

Jack Hickey (guitar)
Jim Janota (drums)
Rick Coraccio (bass)
Jeff Conolly (vocals, keyboards and tambourine)

'Boston' MP3 is tee'd up and ready to rock in mono.

22 August, 2007


THE JAYBIRDS - 'Hold On I'm Coming' / 'Just a Loser' / It's Too Late' / 'You Don't Have To Tell Me' (Ilsa Records 69007) 1996

Here's the second of my Jaybirds reviews. I wrote about one of their killer 45s months ago. Locate it in one of the monthly archives. This cool set of Austrian mods are purist all the way. Just take a look at the cover, I'm sure you'll agree it's fabulous.

There are four tracks on this EP, two covers and two originals from Bernhard Gold. The Jaybirds really come good on both covers. 'Hold On I'm Coming' first done by Sam and Dave and written by David Porter sets the scene and that scene is mod soul and the kind I can listen to. 'Just A Loser' has always been a personal favourite. First done by John Smith and the New Sound (I think). Their version was a 'biggish' hit in most parts of Europe in 1968 but it did nothing in their native England.

If the first side of the EP had a soul vibe going on, the second has a purist R&B approach. I dig this so much and I'm sure you will too. 'You Don't Have To Tell Me' pays a massive debt to The Sorrows with the same punk R&B as my mid 60s heroes.
All songs were recorded at the famous TOE-RAG studio in London in May 1995.

Bernhard Gold (vocals and harp)
Norbert Payr (lead guitar)
Markus Zochling (bass)
Patrick Nagl (rhythm guitar)
Thomas Schmitzberger (drums)

21 August, 2007

The SOUND EXPLOSION - Hangover Baby

THE SOUND EXPLOSION - 'Hangover Baby' / 'Some Other Guy' (Pegasus) 1993

Never let the tired old garage prophets tell you that nothing worthwhile was recorded after 1967, infact many insist that everything is rubbish after 1966. Thankfully, I'm young enough to make my own mind up and I'm so glad I discovered this brilliant Greek garage band from a Teen Trash LP on Music Maniac in the mid 90s.

I sadly missed out on all of their 45s as a result of catching on late and unfortunately The Sound Explosion's killer debut 45 on Pegasus is long gone. Amazingly I started sending emails to a guy called John way back, possibly 5 years ago. This was after posting 80s garage punk nostalgia on a long gone and defunct yahoo site. The 'John' in question turned out to be the cool leader of Greek kings The Sound Explosion. He was kind enough to compile a CDR of all of their 45s plus live-in-the studio demos and rehearsals. It's a killer comp.

'Hangover Baby' knocked me sideways the first time I played it. What an awesome garage punker. Everything, including the kitchen sink (as they say) is on this slab of teen punk genius. Screaming guitars, hand claps, fuzz solos, farfisa organ solos, punk snarls...the lot. It's a definate for consideration in the unlikely event that there is ever a neo garage Back from The Grave type compilation.

'Some Other Guy' can't live with this monster but it still has it's merits.

other info:

The Pegasus 45 was recorded in September 1992 but not released until the following year.

John Alexopoulos (6 and 12 string Vox guitars, vocals and harp)
Jim Dimopoulos (bass)
Stelios Drissis (farfisa organ, maracas)
Stavros Dactilas (drums, tambourine)

What's on the Turntable?

Apart from the 45s that have been reviewed this month the following records have also had heavy turntable play recently.

The Will-O-Bees - If You're Ready / Shades Of Grey (Date 2-1543)
The Torquays - Harmonica Man / Our Teenage Love (Original Sound OS-66)
The Petrified Forrest - So Mystifying / She's The Only Thing That's Kept Me Going (Fontana F-1596)
The Models - Bend Me Shape Me / In A World Of Pretty Faces (MGM K13775)
Steve Wright - What's Tomorrow Gonna Be / Back To The City (Thunderball 45-136)
The M.H. Royals - Now She's Crying / Old Town (ABC 10957)
The Tormentors - Black Coffee / Hey, Hey, Little Girl (Royal Records R-002-3)
The Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke And Sasafrass / Lonely (International artists IA-128)
The Carnival - Four Seasons / Out Of My life (Columbia C4-2789)
Forum Quorum - Your Turn To Cry / No More Tears (Decca 32340)
Greek Fountains - I'm A Boy / She Does It (Pacemaker Records PM-250)
Distant Cousins - Let It Ring / To Have And To Hold (Dynovox 203)
Weathervane - 4-4, 5-4 (Plamie Records P-1026)
The Tow Away Zone - Searchin' / Shabd (Epic 5-10369)

19 August, 2007


LOS IMPOSIBLES - 'Judy' EP (Animal Records 021) 1995

Here's a very cool four track EP by Madrid band Los Imposibles. During the 90s Spain had a massive amount of neo 60s bands each covering their chosen path such as mod, garage and psychedelia. Los Imposibles fit into a mod pop category.

'Judy' is a band original and is a pleasant enough pop song but for me it just sets up the next track which happens to be one of my favourite Traffic songs 'Paper Sun'. Fortunately, they are able to carry the cover version off with some neat sitar sounding guitar and swirling organ.

The second side of the EP offers up 'Groovin' & Movin', a groovy mod instrumental with funky hammond organ and some brass. I would have preferred killer fuzz guitar solos, but I suppose this will do.

'Peppermint Frappe' is another mod tune following the same template as the previous track. You could be mistaken for thinking this was some tune from a 60s soundtrack.
Los Imposibles released more records after this in a more Beatles vein.

Paco Poza (vocals, guitar, organ)
Javier Palomo (bass)
Gonzalo Lagarto (drums)

All tracks recorded at the Green Drum Studio, Madrid in December 1994.


THE BOGEYMEN - "You Are On My Mind" / "Candy" (F.F.Fascination Records 004) 1992

The Bogeymen hailed from the French town of Angouleme but their sound is very much a total rip of English band The Prisoners, who appear to be a massive influence.

This was their first 45 and is pretty hard to track down these days. 'You Are On My Mind' is a sort of soul mod work out with groovy organ. Laurent Bauer's vocals are excellent and are sung in English.
'Candy' is much more R&B influenced and has it's roots firmly in the mid 60s English scene. I dig this one much more than the top side. Nice use of maracas that gives the sound that authentic touch and the fast pace of the song just never lets up.

Laurent Bauer (vocals, guitar, organ and harp)
Olivier Quinot (drums)
Philippe Traversat (guitar)
Yvee Le Diraison (bass)

More records would follow this debut 45 (I may write about some later) before Laurent Bauer would form The Lost Minds.


THE BACKDOOR MEN - 'Out Of My Mind' / 'Magic Girl' (Tracks On Wax 006) 1985

Hip combo from Stockholm, Sweden. One look at the ultra cool sleeve and you just know these guys are gonna deliver the goods. It's very rare that grumpy lookin' mods with a way cool image are not just as classy on record. Thankfully The Backdoor Men were as good as any 80s band.

'Out Of My Mind' written by Ingemannson/Jelinek is a bit of a Prisoners rip with an intro full of feedback they then burst into life with punky vocals from Jelinek, some searing guitar and background organ. I would have liked the guitar break to be longer but that's just a minor complaint. This song rocks big time and is one of the best neo garage tunes of the 80s.

'Magic Girl' written by Ingemannson is a psychedelic mass of echoey vocals, guitars and background organ. It's a sound that The Backdoor Men would not indulge in again. Nor would Jelinek and Ingemannson next band The Creeps.

Hans Ingemannson (rhythm guitar, background vocals)
Robert Jelinek (lead guitar, vocals)
Stefan Nilsson (bass, background vocals)
Ismeal Samie (drums)

production by Stry Terrarie who also contributed organ parts.

17 August, 2007

Blog Update

I've decided to limit my blog entries to 35 per page. This means that entries will be archived more quickly. If you've missed previous blog entries or are after information and label scans to download you will have to scroll down the right hand side of my blog to find the monthly archives.
Keep it real....

16 August, 2007


THE BEATKINGS - "Sitting On My Sofa" / "I Don't Mind" / "I Just Want To Make Love To You" (King Bee Records) 1995

Wow, here's a way cool garage punk 45 from Groningen, Holland. The top side is one of the BEST Kinks covers you'll ever hear. A wall of guitar feedback introduces 'Sitting On My Sofa' then the mod riff kicks in, add gruff vocals from Jeroen De Jong, sprinkle some garage screams before a fuzz solo and you've got an instant 90s classic.

The other side contains two more covers. The first is James Brown's 'I Don't Mind'. The Beatkings interpret this song so much better than The Who did on My Generation album. The soul vibe of the song is retained but to me it sounds more beaty.

Willie Dixon's 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' is also given a cover treatment. This ones a fine R&B workout with strong powerful vocals, harmonica and a dirty guitar sound.
This 45 obviously has the EXPO67 seal of approval. Buy it if you see it up for sale.

Songs were recorded at Studio 44, Groningen on 24th June 1995.
The record is in glorious mono for that authentic touch.

The Beatkings were:
Jeroen De Jong (lead vocals, bass, harmonica)
Koos Keus (drums)
E.J. Kloosterboer (guitar and production)


THE DAWNBREAKERS - 'Sea In A Shell' / 'Remember' (Blink Records 2001) 1999

If your particular bag is melodic '67 psychedelia and I'm thinking of bands like Yankee Dollar, MC2 or Neighborhood Children then you'll flip for these guys. By all accounts this was a band made of ex players from The Optic Nerve, Vibrasonic, The Vice Barons and The Bees although I've only been able to establish a definite Vice Barons connection (Marky Connell). So if anyone knows for sure let me know..thanks.

'Sea In A Shell' is just how I dig my neo psych. There is constant 12 string and fuzz action throughout. On top of this heady brew is lilting and echoey female vocals. You could easily mistake this as a long lost 1967 gem. It has a very authentic sound. There is a killer 12 string raga break just like those McGuinn interludes from the Younger Than Yesterday sessions.
'Remember' is similar in style but not as cool as the top side. It's still impressive though and a worthy B-side. Both songs were written by Chris Maes.

My record came with a business card so I assume they were a gigging band or were after another record deal. It's a shame that this 45 was their only output because they had a lot of talent and a unique sound for the late 90s.
info: The 45 was recorded at Caron's basement during May 1999 and their contact was an address in Brussels, Belgium.

band members:
Chris Maes (Hagstrom 8 string bass)
Simon Jones (12 string Mosrite guitar, Vox fuzz guitar, tambourine)
Genevieve Nevin (Farfisa organ, vocals)
Marky Connell (drums)

14 August, 2007


THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS - 'Help That Girl' EP (Crypt 45-3) 1988

This Swedish four piece were formed by ex Crimson Shadows member Peter Maniette and they offer the listener an updated R&B cocktail with just a hint of folk rock for added coolness. They certainly impressed Tim Warren enough to offer them a record deal on his Crypt label.

'Help That Girl' EP was The Wylde Mammoths second single. All four songs are good to great and all hint at the sound of 60s bands like The Downliners Sect and The Pretty Things. 'Help That Girl' sounds like a 1965 R&B punker, 'Nothing I Can Do' is pure 1966 garage with a good guitar break, 'You' is another 1965 R&B groover but 'In My Lonely Room' is a slow tempo bluesy tune with a guitar riff borrowed heavily from Mouse and the Traps 'Public Execution'.
I reckon the R&B tracks would have been elevated to essential if they had used maracas and/or harp.

other info:
The seven inches of pleasure was recorded on the 14th and 15th of November 1987 at Nybro Studio in Stockholm. But not released on Crypt until 1988.

band members:
Peter Maniette (guitar/vocals)
Patrick Emt (bass)
Stellan Wahlstrom (drums/tambourine)
Per Wannerberg (guitar)



THE UNEXPECTED - 'Maybe' / 'You Movin' / 'I Need Your Lovin' (Trouble And Tea Records 002) 1998

Pretty good three track EP by this Spanish folk rockin' band on Trouble & Tea Records. They also released 45s by other Spanish mod bands The Blackbirds and The Mistakens. These are also worth your time. I'll probably write about The Blackbirds later.
I also dig the name of the record label. This must be as a nod to the mod classic by Manfred Mann called 'Trouble and Tea'... too much of a coincidence otherwise!

All songs on this EP are sung in English. There's a choice cover version of Gene Clark's 'You Movin' which was recorded by The Byrds in their very early studio sessions but never released at the time. My favourite song is the closer 'I Need Your Lovin' which is a fast paced beat pounder and sounds very Beatlesesque from their 1964 era.

The record was recorded at Odds Studios in Xixon, Spain.



The SOMELOVES - 'Melt' / 'Jack Robinson' (White Label Records K1015) 1989

The label states 'This is a real pop recording' and I ain't gonna argue with that. 'Melt' is a classic.
The Someloves by 1989 were in effect Don Mariani (ex Stems) and Daryl Mather (ex Lime Spiders) plus assorted session players. This release was their third single. I'll most likely review the others at a later stage, because they rock as well.

'Melt' is a power pop gem with a glorious guitar hook that sticks in the mind. It's also got a wah wah guitar solo that slays. This music is superior to almost anything that was released in those dark days of '89 when the most I could hope for was average punk from a tired and almost extinct garage revival. Dom Mariani is a legend make no mistake about that.

This track was included on The Someloves LP 'Something Or Other'. The flip 'Jack Robinson' was not part of that album and is only available on this record. It's an OK pop song but not a patch on the top side and I personally don't care much for the drumming which is a basic plod by numbers. Could have done with more dynamics. Maybe the production just sounds too clean for my tastes.

other info:
These two songs were recorded in June/July 1989 at Planet Studios, Perth and produced by Mitch Easter and John Villani.

Don Mariani (vocals, lead guitar, 12 string guitar)
Darryl Mather (guitar)
Robbie Scorer (drums)
Tony Italiano (bass)



THE MOFFS - 'Another Day In The Sun' / 'Clarodomineaux' (Citadel 012) Feb 1985

During the mid 80s Australia were the leaders in the pack for psychedelic bands and The Moffs on their early records were one of the best. 'Another Day In The Sun' starts with a killer guitar intro. The riff will stay with you long after the record has finished. It builds slowly into a moody mass of guitar noise before slipping softly away with gentle piano. It's a very well produced record. I remember reading many articles and reviews about The Moffs in England's guitar band magazine 'Bucketfull Of Brains'.

The flip side is the strangely named 'Clarodomineaux'. This cut has a garagey groove, almost funky with the drum beat. To me this one sounds like some of those early Stone Roses tunes but years before they released anything.
It's also got a weird, almost baroque mid song interlude with female vocals before kicking back into the garage groove. It's a difficult song to pigeon hole. All I know is that I dig it!

The Moffs were:

Tom Kazas (vocals, songwriter)
Nick Potts (organ)
Alan Hislop (drums)
David Byrnes (bass)

producer: Chris Logan

13 August, 2007

Psychedelic Time Machine

Here at Renaissance Fair HQ I mostly live in a timewarp and my psychedelic time machine is invariably destined for 1966 or 1967. However, I do listen to records that were NOT recorded in the 60s and here are some others that get the Expo67 seal of approval (I've previously wrote about 45s by The Lears, The Others, The Jaybirds and Plasticland.
Over the next couple of months my focus will move to forgotten or ignored releases from the 80s and 90s. Stay tuned!

10 August, 2007


Here's a publicity pic of Gene Clark looking all moody and sullen. I'm not sure if this picture was taken whilst he was still a member of The Byrds or during his '66 solo period. Anyone know for sure?


THE TWILIGHTS - 'Time And Motion Study Man' (EMI 1 sided test pressing) 1967

Australian band The Twilights are a band I discovered in the late 80s when Raven Records put out a collection of their singles and better album cuts. I was knocked out by the great pop music on offer and don't know why I've not really focused my attention on collecting their 45s.
The above test pressing of 'Time And Motion Study Man' is the only one I've got so far. It's a flower pop sitar killer with background psychy harmonies. It all sound very English and probably was written during or straight after their return to Australia following a month long stay in England soaking up all of the influences.

They had a week long stint of gigs at The Cavern Club, Liverpool during this time and also listened in on The Beatles recording 'Strawberry Fields' at Abbey Road, London.


FANTASTIC DEE-JAYS - 'Get Away Girl' / 'Fight Fire' (Tri Power TRB-421) 1966
The Fantastic Dee-Jays have been well documented over the years so I'll keep it brief. Also this rare 45 has been re-issued on Get Hip in 1995. But there's nothing like hearing the original mono 45, right?
The Fantastic Dee-Jays came from McKeesport, Pennsylvania and later became The Swamp Rats. The members on this Tri Power 45 were Bob Hocko (drums), Denny Nicholson (bass, vocals) and Dick Newton (guitar, vocals) all three would play in The Swamp Rats.
'Fight Fire' is a cool folk punker with 12 string guitar buried in the mix over a pounding drum beat and tortured vocals. The first time I heard this song was the cover by The Chesterfield Kings on their 1985 album 'Stop!' That's a really great cover as well folks.
The original 'Fight Fire' was written by John Fogerty and Tom Fogerty when they were in The Golliwogs, and came out on Scorpio 405 in 1966. The Golliwogs would rename themselves Creedence Clearwater Revival of course.
Band original 'Get Away Girl' is a fantastic 60s punk tune with selfish male to female put down lyrics. Just when you think it can't get any better you're 'punished' by an outrageous 12 string guitar break.

"Get away girl, I don't want you anymore,
And now it's my turn to watch you cry,
And now it's my turn to watch you die,
And now it's my turn to see you fade away."

TRUTH - When Was Then


TRUTH - 'Chimes On 42nd Street' / 'When Was Then' (Mark Ltd MR 1009) 1968

The Kenny and the Kasuals story is well documented elsewhere, suffice to say that they were one of the top live attractions in the Dallas Fort Worth area with plenty of local hit singles and a pretty good LP called 'Impact'.

The band headed to New York in the summer of 1967 to play gigs and rustle up label interest but sadly the gigs were marred by arguments and a lack of label interest. They returned to Dallas and singer Kenny Daniels was either sacked by the rest of the band or he quit or he was drafted depending on who was recounting the story.

The rest of the Kasuals with the addition of Dale Bramhall renamed themselves Truth and released this hard to find 45 on Mark Lee's record label.
'Chimes On 42nd Street' is psychy with freaky guitar sounds and a constant pumping bass line which is high in the mix. I prefer the other side 'When Was Then'. This song is a slow paced, melodic psychedelic folk rocker. All the essentials are present such as tambourine, harmonica, tabla and classy acoustic guitar.
Both songs were written by lead guitarist Jerry Smith.

03 August, 2007

BYRDS Gallery

The Byrds 'Have You Seen Her Face' / 'Don't Make Waves' (Columbia 4-44157) 1967
The Byrds 'Eight Miles High' EP (CBS 6077) released in England 1966
The Byrds 'The Times They Are A Changin' EP (CBS 5668) released in France 1966

Renaissance Fair

The name of my blogspot has been renamed Renaissance Fair. This should come as no surprise because of my fixation with The Byrds. But fear not, the contents will remain coolsville 60s punk and psychedelia with the odd spot of neo garage and 70s punk.

Fortunately my blog will never contain MP3s because they sound shit compared to even poorly mastered CDs.
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