16 September, 2007

What's on the Turntable?

I've sadly not had that much spare time lately to spin vinyl. What I have been playing quite a bit of since last time are the following:

The Rising Sons - 'You're My Girl' / 'Try To Be A Man' (Stateside SS426)
Davie Jones and the King Bees - 'Liza Jane' / Louie, Louie Go Home (Decca F13807) 1978 re-issue
The Pretty Things - Rainin' In My Heart EP (Fontana TE.17442)
The Pretty Things - Pretty Things EP (Fontana TE.17434)
The Soul Agents - 'Don't Break It Up' / 'Gospel Train' (Pye 7N.15768)
The 12 A.M. - 'The Way I Feel' / 'Good Day' (Groovy Records GR 102)
Bob Morrison - 'Hey! Puppet Man' / 'I Looked In The Mirror' (Columbia 4-43451)
Vibrasonic - 'Don't Leave Me tired' / 'The Unloved Insane' (Target Records TGR 006)
Get Primitive - The Best Of Pebbles Volume 1 (Ubik Take 1)
Pebbles - Volume 5 (BFD 5022)
Crimson Tyde - 'Neighborhood Girl' / 'Fire' (Kaskade KK 101)
The Others - 'Dreams' The Woody Pad Recordings LP (Psych Out Records 003)

13 September, 2007

The HERD - From The Underworld

This picture of The Herd was on the cover page of English weekly 'Disc and Music Echo.' This copy dates from October 28, 1967.

The 'write up' states that The Herd, whose 'From The Underworld' went up to 7 this week, start a concert tour on Saturday with The Who, The Tremeloes and Traffic. Pictured here from the left: Gary Taylor, Andy Brown, Andrew Steele and (centre) Peter Frampton.

Organist Andy Brown said 'I can't tell you the actual numbers we'll be playing but we are definately going for audience participation which we consider is very important. We want to give the audiences their money's worth which we don't think they've been getting of late - and on tour we think it's essential to be visually entertaining as well as musically and vocally entertaining.
We've been working on a devasting 20 minute stage act we hope will show off just about everything we can do.'

Crosby Quits The BYRDS

05 September, 2007

RANDY FULLER - 1,000 Miles Into Space

RANDY FULLER - '1,000 Miles Into Space' (Show Town 482) 1967

It’s interesting to see how folks perceived outer space back in 1967, before we had yet to even walk on the moon. Randy Fuller proudly proclaims to be “1,000 Miles Into Space” on this 1967 single – sadly, what probably seemed like a trans-galactic expedition to Randy barely puts him out of Earth’s atmosphere, and still a healthy 238,000 miles away from our Moon.

That’s not to take anything away from him – he probably just wants to take advantage of the popularity of “Star Trek”, which began one year earlier, and even if his figures don’t add up, he still creates a wondrously trippy little popsike masterpiece here. Sounds to me like he’s even invaded some of Gene Roddenberry’s sound effects vaults, because “1,000 Miles Into Space” opens with some wonderful 60’s space sound effects, before launching into the main riff with some cool tremolo wah wah guitar.

Randy even sings like he might be floating somewhere in space – and by that, he assumes there’ll be some lounge bars in Skylab, where his groovy mellow dinner club vocals bring to mind the soft pop psych stylings of Strawberry Alarm Clock or a really stoned Fever Tree ballad.

Lest you forget that he’s a full “1,000 miles into space” at any point during the song (and really, how could you?), the outer space sound effects library kicks in at the end of each verse, along with the trippy Syd Barrett wah wah licks. There’ s also some fuzz guitar too – wicked Byrds-inspired electric fuzz distortion – and the general vibe you get from this little gem is that, if Curt Boettcher had one of his late 60’s bands cover the Byrds’ “CTA-102”, it might’ve sounded a lot like this. As it turns out, Randy’s impetus is simple. It’s love that’s sending him “1,000 miles into space.” Which, as an alternate to RP-1 kerosene, liquid oxygen and hydrazine, is a far, far less efficient rocket fuel. Next time, Randy, just go to Paris.

03 September, 2007

PAUL PARRISH - The Forest Of My Mind

PAUL PARRISH - 'The Forest Of My Mind' (Music Factory MFS-12,001) 1968

I've been pulling out some vinyl LPs from the EXPO67 archives at the weekend and this one from the porno 'tashed Paul Parrish got tons of plays. infact I decided to master it to CDR in stereo. Bit of a challenge because I normally just master mono 45s.

If you dig Donovan you'll need to get yourself a copy of this album. Don't let the facial hair put you off. Just dig the music maan, it's cool as fuck! This guy has a soft mellow vocal and the songs are mini psych pop masterpieces with psychedelic orchestration, phazing and sound effects.

The song titles put you in the picture of what Paul Parrish is all about. My guess is that he's a hippie nature boy. Take your pick from 'English Sparrows', 'Walking In The Forest (Of My Mind), 'The White Birds', 'Flowers In The Park' and a silky version of The Beatles 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away.' There's even a funky cover of the soul standard 'I Can't Help Myself'.

I don't think Mr Parrish was a tripper in '69, more of a spliff merchant....

update: 12/11/13
According to an on-line source (MGM Studio archives) both sides of the single 'Walking In The Forest (Of My Mind)'/'The White Birds (Return To Warm Seas)' (taken from the album) were recorded at MGM Studios, NYC on 13th March 1968.

album produced by Clay McMurray for Sussex Productions Inc.
Arrangements by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey.
Recorded at Tera Shirma Studios, Detroit, Michigan.

Producer/engineer Clay McMurray is best known for Spyder Turner's version of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me," a Top 20 pop hit that peaked at number 12 on February 11, 1967.
McMurray is also known for co-writing (with Gloria Jones and Pam Sawyer) the classic ballad "If I Were Your Woman." McMurray produced the first hit version for Gladys Knight and the Pips when they were signed to Motown's subsidiary Soul label. The single went to number one R&B on January 23, 1971, and Top Ten pop in February 1971, going gold.
An album, If I Were Your Woman, was released April 1971 and included the excellent ballad "I Don't Want to Do Wrong" (Top Ten R&B) and covers of Sly and the Family Stone's "Everybody's a Star" and Joe Cocker's "Feelin' Alright."  (AllMusic)

02 September, 2007


Rare publicity shot of The Fire. Everyone knows their killer 'My Father's Name Is Dad'...or should do.


Nice moody pic of English RnB band The Fairies.


English mod band The Cryin' Shames pictured here lookin' ready for some pop art action...


A rare and moody publicity shot of The Animals. Looks like it's probably circa 1965. Dig those mod threads. Don't know who the Devil in disguise is? May be Alan Price.....


Here's a rare picture of English mod band The Artwoods.....