31 July, 2008


THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP 'My Babe' (Fontana TL 5242) 1965

Hidden away on their first album for Fontana is this classy bit of R'n'B. I dig the way Steve Winwood comes in with his soulful vocals mid way through the song.

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - My Babe MP3 (320 kBits)

ANTOINE et LES PROBLEMES - Les Elucubrations D'Antoine

The French always had a unique angle on 60s pop music. There was occasional flashes of brilliance especially from Antoine when his backing band was R'n'B group Les Problemes.

This is why I was very pleased to find this rare 1966 promo video of Antoine et Les Problemes on YouTube recently singing 'Les Elucubrations D'Antoine'.

29 July, 2008

THE ANIMALS - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place

THE ANIMALS - Are Back EP (Columbia SEG 8452) Oct 1965

By the time this EP was released The Animals had conquered the World. This four track EP is made up of songs that had previously been hits plus the odd B-Side.

The anthem under scrutiny is 'We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place'...I can't tell you how many times I've sung this in my head when I've been bored shitless at work where the only conversation is probably coming from some fat bird yacking on about her diet. (I work in an Office by the way (ie) no escape)...

This killer song is notable for Eric Burdon's ferocious vocal delivery.

THE ANIMALS - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place MP3 (320 kBits)


JOHN SMITH and the NEW SOUND - 'Birthday' / 'Just A Loser' (Vogue DV 14819) 1968

This English band were unknowns in the UK and had none of their records released in old blighty. They did however, have a good following in Continental Europe, in particular Germany.

'Birthday' was a sizable hit in Germany and of course was a Beatles cover. As you can see from the cover, the label went to great lengths to point out that it was 'eine John Lennon-Paul McCartney composition'.....and to be fair this probably went a big way in making it a hit because The Beatles were always very popular in Germany following their 'Hamburg Era'...

The flip is where the mod action is. 'Just A Loser' is a fab hammond organ led groover with just enough soul to make it a hit with the mod crowd.

JOHN SMITH and the NEW SOUND - Just A Loser MP3 (320 Kbits)


Not quite right, John Smith had a single issued in the UK on Philips - Snoopy vs. the Red Baron

Paul P.

THE HERD - Sunshine Cottage

THE HERD - 'Sunshine Cottage' / 'Miss Jones' (Fontana 267 892 TF) 1968

The Herd formed out of the ashes of R'n'B band The Preachers in 1965 and their first three singles on Parlophone flopped and were dropped from their contract with EMI.

Despite this, they were still pulling in the crowds and making money from gigs and it wasn't long before Fontana took a chance with them. Some big hits on Fontana followed but the pop psych 'Sunshine Cottage' didn't sell and leader Peter Frampton quit and formed Humble Pie with ex Small Faces frontman Steve Marriott.
Co-writer of 'Sunshine Cottage' Andy Bown later joined Status Quo. The flip 'Miss Jones' is a bit more 'freaky' with some good guitar work.

The single cover pic shown here is the Spanish release.

THE HERD - Sunshine Cottage MP3 (320Kbits)

28 July, 2008

THE FACTORY - Path Through The Forest

THE FACTORY - 'Path Through The Forest' (Heads Together)

Because I've got some spare time this week I'm managing to post a daily installment of English psych (that's the trip I'm on at the moment). Here's a cool one from The Factory.
I'm sure most people into psych will be aware of this monstrous song from the umpteen compilation appearances but maybe not this version.

The Factory were three Surrey based teenagers (the drummer was 16 years old!!!) who got lucky when producer Brian Carroll happened upon them at one of their London gigs. He got them a record deal and they cut several songs. One of the covers they attempted was 'So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star' by The Byrds but this has been lost.

The original tape FX for 'Path Through The Forest' did survive though. They were not used on the final single mix. Brian Carroll used those FX and mastered this classic with the psychedelic 'forest' noises for this posthumous release on Heads Together. This was a vinyl release only and copies quickly vanished and it's now impossible to find.

The original 'Path Through The Forest' was released on MGM 1444 on 18/10/68.

THE FACTORY - Path Through The Forest (psych mix)

27 July, 2008


THE BEATLES - 'Paperback Writer' (Odeon MEO 119) French EP 1966

It's been a while since I posted anything by The Beatles so here goes. This four track EP was released on the French label Odeon in mid '66. What a great cover, and a record I bought years back at a Record Fair in Sunderland of all places.

'Nowhere Man' and 'The Word' were recorded in October 1965 and were eventually slotted on to the album Rubber Soul. The other two tracks are even more special. 'Paperback Writer' and 'Rain' were recorded during the Revolver album sessions in April 1966.

Both songs were selected for the Parlophone 45 and omitted from Revolver. Imagine these two cuts on Revolver instead of the 'throw-away' (IMO) 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Good Day Sunshine'.....
(pictures of Paul McCartney and John Lennon taken at Abbey Road studios during the Revolver sessions, April 1966)


Pure English GENIUS

26 July, 2008


JASON CREST - 'A Place In The Sun' / 'Black Mass' (Philips BF 1809) August 1969

Tonbridge band Jason Crest released five singles on Philips between 1967-69 and all are very rare. Check out their retrospective collection on the Wooden Hill CD that came out about 10 years ago.

According to the liners, Jason Crest were considered to be one of the most dynamic live acts operating in and around London during the late sixties mixing original material with reconstructions of other artists songs such as 'A Hazy Shade Of Winter', 'Fresh Garbage', 'California Dreaming' and 'Paint It Black'....

These songs were all recorded during sessions with the BBC and can be heard on the LP of radio recordings released on Tenth Planet Records in the late 90s. Only 1000 were pressed and it's now a hard item to score.

The mellotron and flute soaked psychedelia of 'A Place In The Sun' was Jason Crest's last throw of the dice for a hit but it bombed and singer Terry Clark quit shortly after.
The band continued with a new singer for a while eventually changing their name to High Broom for one last 45 on Island Records.

"A Place In The Sun" was compiled on Rubble #8

'I've been alone so long
Like time I just go on
Looking For A Place In The Sun'.

24 July, 2008

FLOWER - Heart Teaser

FLOWER - 'Heart Teaser' (Dig The Fuzz Records) acetate 1968

While I'm on an English psych trip I'll post this incredible mod psych mover from Flower. Their 'Heart Teaser' was never issued in the 60s and only survived as an acetate until those cool chaps from Dig The Fuzz Records unearthed this gem and compiled it on the LP only 'Fuzz Pudding Factory' in the early 90s.

According to the liners, 'Heart Teaser' was recorded in November 1968. I'm assuming this information was written on the 8" white label acetate found in the vaults. No other details about Flower are known.

I've mastered the track in 'expodelic 67 sound' and present it here in 320 kbits.......it's sounds fucking great and I'm sure you'll all dig it.

FLOWER - Heart Teaser

THE KINKS - Don't Ever Let Me Go

THE KINKS - 'Don't Ever Let Me Go'

This bootleg CD from Europe hit the Record Fairs in 2000. I don't know how many were produced but the usual amount(s) are in the region of 500 or less. They were all quickly snapped up and now this is a difficult CD to locate so grab it if you ever see it.

Thankfully, for the most part the sound quality on the majority of tracks is excelent with most of them being in mono.

'Don't Ever Let Me Go' was The Kinks projected third single but for some reason it was shelved in favour of the all time classic 'You Really Got Me.' Let's just say that The Kinks made the right decision but maybe should have put 'Don't Ever Let Me Go' on the B-Side.

The song was recorded on the 8th September 1964 at Pye Studios in London.

THE KINKS - Don't Ever Let Me Go

22 July, 2008

TIMEBOX - Gone Is The Sad Man

TIMEBOX - 'Gone Is The Sad Man' (Deram DM219) Nov 1968

Timebox released several 45s during the the period 1967-69 but all (apart from the small hit 'Beggin') flopped. They even recorded a collection of songs in 1968 for an album called 'Moose On The Loose'. Unfortunately, Deram did not release it at the time.

All of those unreleased songs, aswell as the Deram 45s were compiled by Deram in the late 90s on 'Timebox - The Deram Anthology' CD. This CD is now deleted and has become something of a collectors item.

The lazy and laid back psychedelic 'Gone Is The Sad Man' was the B-Side of 'Girl, Don't Make Me Wait'.....the follow up single to 'Beggin' which had reached number 38 in the UK Charts. It flopped.

the line-up on the record was:

Mike Patto (vocals, guitar)
Ollie Halsall (vocals, guitar)
Clive Griffiths (bass)
Chris Holmes (keyboards)
John Halsey (drums)

Most of the Timebox line-up reformed in the early 70s as prog rockers Patto. Ollie Halsall would also add guitar parts for the Rutles album and of course John Halsey became Barry Wom (Ringo) in The Rutles.

TIMEBOX - Gone Is The Sad Man

Researching Timebox and in particular their amazing 'Walking Through The Streets Of My Mind' I found a rather special blog called strangely 'Sir Henry@Ed Debba'....
Check it out for some ultra rare and obscure British psych 45s from the late 60s...


20 July, 2008


THE FLOWERPOT MEN - Blow Away (unreleased 1969 recording)

'Blow Away' was first issued on The Flowerpot Men retrospective LP 'Let's Go To San Francisco' which was released on C5 Records in 1988. It then appeared on the CD RPM put out in 2001 titled 'The Psychedelic World Of The Flowerpot Men'.

'Blow Away' is a wonderful Byrdsian jangle. This version is the extended mix that was recorded for the unreleased 'Peace' album in 1969. The album never happened because The Flowerpot Men's contract with Decca expired after several flops following the hit single 'Let's Go To San Francisco' in September 1967.

Listen out for the drones, slide guitars and 12 string.

The main stays of The Flowerpot Men were John Carter and Ken Lewis. They also wrote 'Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James' for Manfred Mann, 'Sunshine Girl' for Herman's Hermits and perhaps more famously 'My World Fell Down' recorded by Sagittarius.


18 July, 2008

DONOVAN - Three Kingfishers

DONOVAN - Three Kingfishers (EPIC LN 24217) 1966

By mid 1965 Donovan was a household name in Britain but he didn't become the world renowned psychedelic soothsayer until the release of the album 'Sunshine Superman'.

I'm not gonna go in for a track by track analysis of this breakthrough LP. If you're into psychedelia you'll know all about it anyway. The absolute killer psych interlude is 'Three Kingfishers'. Here, Donovan goes for the Indian raga sound with sitar, tablas and trippy lyrics.

It's documented elsewhere that Shawn Phillips played sitar on 'Three Kingfishers' but he's not given credit on the album cover.

Twelve king fisher birds shall you have
Dive and swim in the ripples of your laugh.
Oh, I dreamed you were a Jewel
Sitting on golden crown on my head, my head, my head.
Look at the tiny oceans in-my hand
Waves of liquid colours touch the sand.
Oh, I dreamed you were a jewel
Sitting on golden crown on my head, my head, my head.

DONOVAN - Three Kingfishers

15 July, 2008

THE SPARKLINGS - Now It's Your Turn To Cry

DOWNBEAT - 25 Independent Singles From The Netherlands CD

I was playing The Thanes CD 'Downbeat And Folked Up' at the weekend (which is amazing by the way) and was really taken by their cover of The Sparklings 'Now It's Your Turn To Cry'.

I don't have the original 45 but it was compiled in great sound from the mono single on 'DownBeat' some years ago. Folks into Dutch beat really need to get this CD. Not everything is GREAT, infact some cuts would force Vincent van Gogh to cut his other ear off if he was still alive.

The 24 page booklet that comes with this collection is very impressive. Maybe one of the best I've seen coming as it does with excelent information, sleeve pics and band photos. Here's what the liners said about The Sparklings.
'This band came from the prolific Amsterdam scene. 'Now It's Your Turn To Cry' was released twice on two different labels in 1966. Once on 7Up then again on CNR. It's an organ powered tormentor and is simply stunning with it's knife-sharp fuzz guitar and a very strong melody line'.
SPARKLINGS - Now It's Your Turn To Cry

13 July, 2008


SIMON DUPREE & THE BIG SOUND - 'Kites' / 'Like The Sun Like The Fire' (Parlophone R 5646) Oct 1967 

When I was about 10 years old back in the mid 70s, my Uncle gave me a handful of singles because he no longer needed them. Included in the pile were records by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Searchers, Slade and this one by Simon Dupree & The Big Sound. 'Kites' always made me feel weird probably because the melody was playing on my mind. I'd never heard anything so exotic sounding before and the strange background noise held me captive. It wasn't until many years later that I discovered I'd been listening to psychedelia and the strange background noise was made by a mellotron.

Simon Dupree & The Big Sound were from Portsmouth, England. They consisted of three brothers. Ray Shulman, Derek Shulman and Phil Shulman. They had previously been in local bands called The Howling Wolves and The Road Runners. They were joined by ex Classics Tony Ransley on drums and Pete O'Flaherty on bass. It won't have escaped your attention that no one in the band was actually called Simon Dupree.

This was a name dreamed up by their Manager who also brought them the song 'Kites' to record. By all accounts the band hated the song and didn't want to record it but changed their minds when they had the opportunity to record and produce the disc at the famous Abbey Road studios in London. The recordings took place sometime in September 1967, only months after The Beatles had completed the album Sgt Pepper. Fortunately for Simon Dupree & The Big Sound they were able to use the obscure instruments that The Beatles had utilized on Pepper such as the mellotron, finger symbols, woodblocks and they also added the strange wind effects.

So what had been something of an ordinary love ballad 'Kites' blossomed into a flower power and completely 'turned on' slice of psychedelia. The flip 'Like The Sun Like The Fire' is also another cool psych track with plenty of mellotron. Simon Dupree & The Big Sound carried on with limited success until late 1969 before disbanding. The three Shulman brothers then formed a new band called Gentle Giant in 1970 and moved into progressive rock territory.

12 July, 2008

THE SHOTGUN EXPRESS - I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round

THE SHOTGUN EXPRESS - 'I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round' EP (Columbia ESRF 1864) 1966

Short lived mod pop band from England probably best known for featuring Rod Stewart before he became famous with The Jeff Beck Group then The Faces. 'I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round' was released in England on 21/10/66 and is the only song where Stewart's vocals are employed. The flip is an organ dominated mod swingin' instrumental titled 'Curtains' and is essentially a Peter Bardens solo effort.

The flip of their follow up 45 'Funny 'Cos Neither Could I' is also a mod go-go instrumental titled 'Indian Thing'. This was compiled on Rubble Volume 2 back in the 80s.

The Shotgun Express certainly had some future stars in their ranks. Alongside Rod Stewart, The Shotgun Express also boasted the skills of the previously mentioned Peter Bardens who is best known for his work with 70s progressive rock band Camel. Bardens died in 2002.

Guitarist Peter Green and drummer Mick Fleetwood were briefly in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers before forming Fleetwood Mac. Bass player Dave Ambrose would quit The Shotgun Express in early 1967 to join The Brian Auger Trinity.

Singer Beryl Marsden was also lead vocalist for all girl band The She Trinity.

SHOTGUN EXPRESS - I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round

08 July, 2008


THE ROLLING STONES - 'Get Off Of My Cloud' / 'The Singer Not The Song' (Decca F.12263) Oct 1965

Great 45 to follow up the massive world wide hit 'Satisfaction'.... It was recorded on the 6th and 7th of September 1965 and released as a single in the UK on the 22nd October. How's that for a quick turnaround? I'm assuming The Rolling Stones were touring the USA at the time of recording because they used RCA Studios in Hollywood.

According to Mick Jagger he wrote the lyrics for 'Get Off Of My Cloud' and Keith Richard came up with the melody. Jagger's vocals are particularly impressive on the song and pretty much every US garage front man was influenced by either his singing style or to a lesser extent (thankfully) his daft dancing in the glory years that followed.

Here's a photo of Keith Richard taken by Bent Rej in September 1965 at The Hilton Hotel in London.

ROLLING STONES - Get Off Of My Cloud

06 July, 2008

ROYAL NONESUCH - She's So Satisfyin'

Readers of my blog should know by now that I have a great deal of time for neo garage and psych bands especially those cool combos I was into during the heyday of the mid 80s.

I'm always delighted to exchange emails with musicians from those GREAT groups of that glorious decade. It's a decade that was pretty much shit of course if you didn't know where to look and were swamped by that awful MTV bollocks and hair bands. Stick with the 80s underground and you'll realize the 80s were not as fuckin' embarrassing as you probably thought. (unless you WERE into those annoying metal/goth/indie/pop groups)

Here's my all time faves The Royal Nonesuch (there's plenty of past posts and photos on my blog - check the old labels)...Fortunately they made a promo video of a song called 'She's So Satisfyin'...It was originally done by mid 60s garage punkers The Apparitions...check out the original on Bosshoss's G45 Unwaxed CD set. This promo video was shown on a Canadian Music Channel.....

Just like the original, The Royal Nonesuch never had this song released on a 45. It was meant to be their third single but for whatever reason it just didn't happen. What a shame. It was compiled on a recent vinyl only comp titled 'Thee Cave Comes Alive' on Action Records....


THE ASSOCIATION - 'Blistered' (London HA-T 8305) 1966

Los Angeles harmony pop band The Association won't be the first band to name drop to a garage rock collector. But their harmony pop approach certainly is a sound that I dig. The Association may not be freak rock but they're essential listening just the same. A collection of their early 45s and obscure album tracks made a welcome addition to my collection a few years ago in the form of Rhino's Anthology CD set. Seek and you shall find my friends.

Their first album 'And Along Comes Mary' was released in July 1966. The material was produced by pop psych mastermind Curt Boettcher and engineered and recorded by Gary Paxton at his Homewood Studios in Hollywood. The vocals were laid down at Columbia Recording Studios.

Gary Paxton produced my all time favourite garage psych band The Avengers. Check out my interviews with Avengers band members in the links where they speak highly of Gary Paxton's skill and enterprise in the studio.
All of the material on The Association album was laid down by premier L.A. session musicians, including Mike Deasy who released records in his own right as The Flower Pot and Friar Tuck and His Psychedelic Guitar. Other players happened to be Lee Mallory, Butch Parker, Jerry Scheff and Jim Troxel.
Association member Jules Alexander was on the basic tracks as well, but other group members were only used to contribute overdubs.

A song from the album 'Blistered' is featured on my blog. It's an uptempo rocker with harmonica and was hidden on side 1 of the LP and is represented here because it never features on any Association collections. It wasn't written by any band member but credited to E.Wheeler. I've mastered the song direct from my mono copy of 'And Then - Along Comes' on London (the UK release)
It was not included on the 1992 Rhino 2 CD set titled 'Just The Right Sound' or the 80s set released by Edsel Records titled 'Golden Heebie Jeebies'....


05 July, 2008

RESEARCH - 1-6-12 - In Research

RESEARCH - 1-6-12 - 'In Research' (Flick City FC 5001) 1968

I first became aware of the strangely named Research 1-6-12 back in the 80s when I heard 'I Don't Walk There No More' on Highs In The Mid Sixties - Volume 3. This was a song I repeatedly played and when I started collecting original 60s vinyl, Research 1-6-12 were high on my list for investigation.

As it turned out 'I Don't Walk There No More' is probably their best song with an immediate impact (well it was for me)... The album released on Flick City, based in Sunset Blvd, Hollywood is a patchy affair with three throwaway songs. Those are 'The Grass Is Greener' a hippie lament about smoking pot, 'John' an awful load of shite about playing a guitar or reading a newspaper on (funnily enough) the toilet and 'Lookin' In The Toaster'...the least said the better.

However, the rest of the cuts on the album will sink in after a few plays. 'Omar' is a trippy psych tune probably about a drug pusher called Omar, the single 'Can You Baby' / 'Lip Smackin' Good' are excelent and I really dig the gentle & laid back hippie psych of 'The Feeling' and 'Highway Song'....the latter in particular is a keen insight into the hippie dream 'gone wrong' ....the singer tells the tale of a young kid travelling to San Francisco to the 'live the dream' only to lose all of his money, having to sell the coat off his back for an upper, then hitch-hiking his way back home in the country..

Most of the songs were joint Morrie Yess/Dick Bozzi collaborations. Yess would drop out of the music industry when Research 1-6-12 flopped to become a Rabbi whilst Dick Bozzi went into Radio, eventually becoming an arranger for A&M Records.

RESEARCH 1-6-12 'Highway Song'

02 July, 2008


G45 UNWAXED - Unreleased 60s Garage Kuts From Acetate....

It's taken a while to mention this monster 2 CD set on my blog but it's now time.
For several years now, Bosshoss66 has been providing flacs, MP3s, label scans, information and advice to 60s punk worshippers around the Globe.
His collection of previously unreleased songs has been painstakingly remastered in sound Taliban Approved BHQS6. Not many people in the world could get acetates sounding THIS good.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bosshoss is a world leader in vinyl to CD restoration. The sheer depth, clarity and detail dredged from these battered old acetates is mind blowing.

The set comes in two Parts. The first Volume contains 'Back From The Grave' style teen punkers where fuzz, more fuzz and a little bit more of that fuzz action is priority for these spotty faced kids and fucked up teen spirits.
In between some of the kick ass garage rants is the odd depressing slow paced moaner.

There's just too many highlights to mention. My favourite cuts on this side are The Nightcrawlers menacing 'Want Me'...The Fanatics organ pounder 'I Believe and 'I Don't Want To See You' by The Blue Embers. Just don't sharpen your knives when listening to these fuzz howlers cos you'll probably wanna go out on the town and slay the first guy who looks at you funny.

Side 2 is filled to the brim with folk punkers, jangle and uptempo lo-fi pop. It's a less hectic side and maybe listeners will enjoy this collection more than Side 1. There's some cuts I've known for years but these acetates sound better and in some cases are different takes than the released versions. There's an alternate take of the well known 'Run Run Run' by The Gestures and an absolutely spine tingling earlier mix of The Fanatics 'Bitter Bells'...hear this song for the first time with the original backing vocals.

G45 Unwaxed is now long gone, so if you missed the ticket to ride last year I'm affraid you're gonna have to kick yourself in the arse a thousand times...I'm a reviewer not a trader.