24 October, 2008


 VELVET SEED - 'Flim Flam Man' / 'Sharon Patterson' (M.A.I. 201) 1968

According to Fuzz, Acid And Flowers Velvet Seed hailed from Maine, USA. They even have, according to the writer, unreleased recordings including a take of Gene Clark's 'Feel A Whole Lot Better.' Hopefully this information is correct and one day these 'lost' recordings are released.

'Flim Flam Man' credited to Bourassa - Levesgue is a total winner. It's got a fast pace that never slows from the start to finish with pumping bass runs, wild guitars and weird trippy sci-fi noises. Sounds like bubblegum and psychedelia all at the same time...I've never heard anything quite so hip especially with the male/female vocals soaring over the lysergic layers of noise. Sadly, this was the B-Side and was probably never even heard/played in the 60s.

The other side is 'Sharon Patterson', a sweet psych ballad with femme fatale vocals. Really great ringing guitar on this one, quite laid back and another sunshine pop tripper to add to those undiscovered gems.

23 October, 2008


PRICE AND WALSH - 'The House Of Ilene Castle' / 'Love Is The Order Of The Day' (Dot Records 45-17077) March 1968

Didn't know anything about this record when I bought it. I only took a chance because the title of the A-Side 'The House Of Ilene Castle' sounded like a promising pop psych title and thankfully it turned out to be the case.

I've since did a little research and Price and Walsh were two L.A songwriters named Mike Price and Dan Walsh who went onto some success writing songs for singers outside the scope of Renaissance Fair.

Both songs are from aborted sessions with songwriter/producer Gary Zekley. His name may be familiar with readers from his work with The Yellow Balloon, Jan and Dean, The Clique and Fun And Games.

The Dot 45 seems to be a very hard record to track down but thankfully UK re-issue label Rev-Ola have released a full CD retrospective of Price And Walsh including all of the recordings laid down with Gary Zekley in 1968.

19 October, 2008

GERRY POND - The Happiness Song

GERRY POND - 'The Happiness Song' / 'The Sometime Girl' (Reprise 0489) 1966

So who was Gerry Pond? He appears to be one of those artists who released an obscure record in the mid 60s then vanished without trace. I doubt that this 45 had much publicity or column inches at the time.
'The Happiness Song' is a long lost classic folk psych tune with pleasant acoustic guitar, flute and jazzy drums. It's clearly influenced by psych era Donovan, even down to the child like lyrics and vocal delivery.

Flip it over for the less commercial but equally impressive 'The Sometime Girl'. This tune is a whole lot more loose and has a definate jazz feel. Dig that clattering tambourine chasing the free form bass line and more Donovan(esque) vocals.... It's a shame Gerry Pond never released anything else.

07 October, 2008


THE UNCLAIMED - Phunt Walk (Hysteria Records HLP-1300) 1983

Looking every inch a 'Music Machine' for the 80s, The Unclaimed released a powerful punkadelic mini album titled 'Primordial Ooze Flavored' on Hysteria Records in early '83. It sold out straight away but got a welcome re-release on the Dutch label Resonance in '87.
Here's their cover of 'Baby Elephant Walk'.... written by Henry Mancini. The Unclaimed have changed the title to 'Phunt Walk'

Sylvia Juncosa recently got in touch after reading my blog entry about The Unclaimed. Sylvia was responsible for the authentic and at times wild reverbed farfisa organ bursts throughout the songs on the mini-LP 'Primordial Ooze Flavored'.
She has a website here... http://www.sylviajuncosa.com/home.php

05 October, 2008

THE ROGUES - Rink Bash

THE ROGUES - 'Rink Bash' (April 1966)

Continuing the theme of groovy instrumentals on my blog here's a demo by a band called The Rogues. They entered Capitol studios, New York in April 1966 and cut several songs in one day.
Only two of the songs, 'Going All The Way' and 'Go Ahead' were released at the time when Atco signed The Rogues but made them change their name to The Squires.

According to the liners of the immense Squires retrospective on Crypt (issued in 1986 and on vinyl only!) they had to change their group name because they were told a band called The Rogues already existed in England. They also had to dress a little more smartly.....ha ha bunch of squares at Atco.

03 October, 2008


THE SEVENS 'Panam' (Aug 1965)

I'm a sucker for a wild swingin' go-go beatin' instrumental and none come finer that 'Panam' by The Sevens, an obscure mid 60s beat combo from Basel, Switzerland.
The track kicked off side two of their 1965 album, then was chosen as a B-Side for the single 'Don't You Fret' in March 1966. The latter being a lame cover of a boring Kinks tune. Should have released the fantastic mod beater 'Panam' as the top side.

For a detailed history and some pics of The Sevens follow the link attached...http://homepage.swissonline.ch/featheredapple/sevens1.html


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BRAM RIGG SET - Take The Time Be Yourself

THE BRAM RIGG SET - 'Take The Time Be Yourself' '/'I Can Only Give You Everything' (Stateside FSS 501) 1966

This group of teenagers released this sole offering in late '66 and were gone. They started out as George's Boys and laid down a couple of demos at Trod Nossel Studios in Wallingford, Connecticut. Previously unreleased versions of 'Help Me' and 'Sticks And Stones' have been recently compiled on Sundazed compilation titled 'Don't Press Your Luck'...
On this 2 LP vinyl set you'll also get to hear several unreleased recordings as the The Bram Rigg Set. Not all of them work, in particular 'I Can't Explain' sounds diluted and weak when compared with The Who original. They couldn't hope to compete with this classic.

'Sleepless Nights' is a winner and could have been a perfect follow up to 'I Can Only Give You Everything'.
I've never been a fan of the song 'I Can Only Give You Everything' no matter who records it. It's just a song that doesn't do anything for me. That's why you get a label shot of 'Take The Time Be Yourself'.This was the French release and is quite rare. Much harder to find than the release on Kayden.