30 December, 2008

ONE - Hey Taxi

ONE - 'Hey Taxi' / 'Enter Into My World' (Columbia 4-44256) 1967

This is a great double sider and relatively unknown. 'Hey Taxi' was co-written by Jackie Lomax who was lead singer with an early 60s beat outfit from Liverpool called The Undertakers.
They made their way to America following the 'Brit Invasion' but disbanded soon after the tour ended.

Band members Jackie Lomax and drummer Bugs Pemberton remained in New York and quickly formed another band with Tom Cacetta on bass and John Cannon on guitar. They called themselves The Lomax Alliance.

'Hey Taxi' and 'Enter My World' were recorded sometime in '67. It has been reported that there are other songs from these Columbia sessions but they've never been released.
Before this 45 was released Jackie Lomax split but the others decided to carry on renaming themselves One.

The producer on this record John Simon also worked with The Guilloteens when they signed to Columbia.
The Lomax Alliance pictured in 1966

29 December, 2008

THE TWEEDS - We Got Time

THE TWEEDS - 'We Got Time' / 'I Want Her To Know' (Coral 62551) 1968

From the New York area, teenage band The Tweeds were fortunate to release two singles during their brief time together. Their debut 45 on Coral 'What's Your Name' / 'A Thing Of The Past' sold well enough for the record company to chance their arm again with this second release in the Spring of 1968.

Both sides of this disc show a maturity and musicianship beyond their years. 'I Want Her To Know' is a slow paced ballad with added strings whilst 'We Got Time' is a typical 60s rocker.

Guitarist Dave Constantino from the band would form hard rock outfit Talas in 1971. A few years later he was joined by former drummer from The Tweeds Paul Vargo.

Photos of The Tweeds just found today (28-08-10). Taken from Dave Constantino's official website here.

27 December, 2008


So what was hot in my world in 2008?

I tend to spend my spare cash on vinyl (mostly originals from the 60s) but in 2008 I bought 10 CDs including British psych compilations 'A Glass Menagerie' on RPM, 'Insane Times' on EMI off-shoot Zonophone.

Two Garage Beat '66 comps on Sundazed also watered my crops as well as CDs by The End (remastered 'Introspection' on EMI) Del Shannon ('The Further Adventures of Charles Westover' & 'Home And Away') Turquoise ('The Further Adventures of Flossie Fillet') and 23rd Turnoff ('The Dream Of Michaelangelo') on Bam Caruso.

My favourite though is a Gene Vincent release titled 'Born To Be A Rollin' Stone' on Rev-Ola. This CD comprises the Challenge Sessions 1966-68 and he has his sound re-invented for the times as an L.A. folk/country rocker.
My best vinyl album purchase was easily a copy of Country Joe and the Fish 'Electric Music For The Mind And Body' on Vanguard. This comes on 180 gram vinyl and looks & sounds fantastic in it's stereo glory.
Many years ago I sold my mono copy of this in favour of those new fangled CDs. I soon realised that the CD sounded shit and regretted my stupidity. (hell it was the early 90s and everyone thought that CDs were the way to go).

I've probably spent close to £4,000 on 60s 45s this year and acquired many greats to add to my collection but out of them all my biggest surprise was a couple of bootlegged singles I bought as a test. The series is called 'Garage Greats' and are put out by a wealthy garage punk collector here in England.

Nameless garage nazis slagged these off mercilessly on some Forum but I never listen to anyone I don't repect and after reading good reviews of these bootlegs in Record Collector magazine and Shindig I decided to make a purchase.
Thankfully the ones I bought sound and look excelent. So I'll be buying more of these and at £6 a record it's a pretty good deal.
The best book I bought in 2008 is the mighty 'So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star' documenting The Byrds day by day 1965-1973. When I first opened this tome I was speechless. If you dig The Byrds you gotta get this....AWESOME.

26 December, 2008

SUMPIN' ELSE - I Can't Get Through To You

SUMPIN' ELSE - 'I Can't Get Through To You' EP (Liberty LEP 2268F) 1966

Sumpin' Else were a short lived band from Los Angeles who strangely had a four song EP in picture sleeve released in France. The band in this pic have square dude haircuts and that mid 1965 co-ordinated look popular with bands at the time before some of that Sunset Strip rebellion set in and bands began to dress a little more freaky.

Sumpin' Else have that well produced L.A. sound coming across like The Standells. 'Baby You're Wrong' has got some prominant fuzz base lines and was compiled on Vile Vinyl back in the 80s. 'I Can't Get Through To You' has also got fuzz action and some killer lead guitar.

'Toy Boy Girl' is more poppy than the previous songs and 'Danger' uses fuzz again. All of these four songs were written by John Merrill. I've done some digging through liner notes etc but can't figure out if this is the same person who played guitar and wrote songs in The Peanut Butter Conspiracy??
Sumpin' Else had another release on Liberty Records 55900 recording 'You're Bad' written by the Addrisi brothers and a Dallas Smith song 'Here Comes The Hurt'. Both tunes are great garage pop with the latter especially cool because of a couple of fuzz guitar rave-ups.
'You're Bad' has a way too short raga guitar solo.
Just out of interest Dallas Smith produced this record and he also worked with The Gants.

25 December, 2008

OS JOVENS - Apresentando

OS JOVENS - Apresentando EP (CBS 56226) 1965

This duo comprising Francisco Fraga and Joao Jose were from Brazil and sang in their native language of Portuguese. On this '65 EP they are backed by a band called The Blue Caps.

All songs contained on this disc is good beat, they recorded much more dynamic and punky songs on their 1967 album....but if you dig the 'English Sound' made by Brazilians you gotta get this record. Two of the songs 'I'll Never Know' (Sofrendo Por Amor) and 'Hurting Inside' (Louca Paixao) are Dave Clark Five covers.
For me though the stand out beat is the original 'Sinto-Me Feliz' written by Francisco Fraga.


HOPPI and the BEAU HEEMS - 'When I Get Home' / 'So Hard' (Disques Vogue INT.80134) 1968

Hoppi and the Beau Heems were are short lived band from Tampa, Florida. Their first single at the back end of 1967 was 'I Missed My Cloud' backed with 'So Hard' on Laurie 3411 or was 'So Hard' the plug side? Who knows, because 'So Hard' was released again as the B-Side of 'When I Get Home' in 1968.

This record also got a release in France with a picture sleeve. Both songs are good pop garage but maybe their best song was 'I Missed My Cloud' which is a cheeky re-write of '96 Tears'.

Also of interest is a four song Mexican EP released on Gamma Records. This record contains cover versions of 'I'm Not Your Stepping Stone' and 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying.'

24 December, 2008

GODFREY - The Trip

GODFREY - 'The Trip' / 'Come On, Come On' (Cee-Jam Records 3) Sept 1965

Godfrey was a Los Angeles DJ in the mid 60s at around the time when the Sunset Strip was a happenin' place and he obviously wanted to get some of that hip action in the form of his own record.

'The Trip' is a cover of Kim Fowley's psychedelic rap and it ain't a bad effort sticking very close to the original version. Not sure if this was any kind of hit or anything. It probably didn't sell much outside of L.A.

The flip 'Come On, Come On' is credited to Godfrey's Group presumably his backing band on 'The Trip'. It's a neat instrumental with the inclusion of brass and has that mid 60s soul feel about it.

Cee-Jam Records were short lived and only released a handful of records including 45s by Art Wheeler and Dorsey Burnette.

23 December, 2008


YESTERDAY'S OBSESSION - 'The Phycle' / 'Complicated Minds' (Pacemaker Records PM-262) 1968

Fuzztoned psychedelia by Yesterday's Obsession, a band I've not read about that much despite 'The Phycle' appearing on at least four different compilations. The person who sold me this 45 suggested that the band were a group of high school kids from Port Arthur, Texas.
Port Arthur is not too far away from Houston, Texas...where Pacemaker Records were based....so that may be true, but if anyone knows accurate details please get in touch.

'The Phycle' is doomy psychedelia with eerie organ in the background, loud bass and fuzz. It's a strange title and words 'the phycle' is never mentioned in the song?! Maybe the title should have been 'The Psycle' but someone spelt in wrong when designing the label and the 'mistake' was only spotted after the records had been pressed?

'Complicated Mind' is less popular with the compilers. Don't know why because it's a great tune, heavy on tambourine and maracas.

The songs were recorded at the famous Gold Star Studios and produced by Huey P. Meaux. I've checked my database and he also worked with Gaylan Ladd and The Sir Douglas Quintet as well as many soul acts I'm not bothered about.

21 December, 2008


THE GAUNGA DYNS - "Rebecca Rodifer" / "Stick With Her" (Busy-B Zap 2) June 1967

I recently made contact with Gaunga Dyns guitarist and main songwriter Steve Staples. I emailed a him a whole load of questions to get his Gaunga Dyns experience and I planned to share his thoughts with readers of my blog. Sadly he never replied.....
*** since I wrote this entry a wikipedia page has been created with loads of information here

The Gaunga Dyns were based in New Orleans and recorded for the same label that released collectable records by The Leather Pages, Peabody and The Plastic Blues Band.

'Rebecca Rodifer' has been one of my favourite jangly garage sides ever since I heard it on a Highs In The Mid Sixties LP. As usual, the sound quality on those things is not ideal so when I started collecting 60s garage 45s this one was at the top of my list.
The subject of the song is about teenage abortion and not the usual thing to write about.

The other side of the record is the more punky tune 'Stick With Her'....This was a cover version, the original was by a band from Houston, Texas called The Glass Kans.

THE GAUNGA DYNS - "Clouds Don't Shine" / "No One Cares" (Busy-B Zap 4) Dec 1967

The second and last 45 by The Gaunga Dyns is another winner. 'Clouds Don't Shine' is considered by many to be a 'moody' classic. I must say it is a very mournful song that only picks up pace right at the end with some cool guitar.
The flip 'No One Cares' has the typical 60s garage sound and is much less intricate.

20 December, 2008



THE HOLLIES - Yes I Will (Parlophone R 5232) 1/1965
Top 10 hit for The Hollies in January '65 and a typical beat number for the times but done in the usual Hollies pop style. 'Yes I Will' is a Goffin-Titleman composition and a version was recorded by The Monkees retitled 'I'll Be True To You.' Check it out on their debut album.

THE PARAMOUNTS - You've Got What I Want (Edsel LP)
Back in 1983 Edsel put out a Paramounts compilation titled 'A Whiter Shade Of R'n'B' and it's a fairly average collection of beat and R'n'B by a group of teens who would eventually change their name to Procol Harum.
The best cut on the LP was the previously unreleased '65 mod mover 'You've Got What I Want', later covered by The Sorrows.

THE ANIMALS - Gonna Send You Back To Walker (Columbia DB 7247) 3/1964
This song was the flip of the debut Animals 45 'Baby Let Me Take You Home'.....
Walker is a residential suburb, east of Newcastle City centre and is Eric Burdon's birthplace. When The Animals relocated to London from Newcastle to be pop stars Eric's girlfriend at the time went with the band to the 'Big City'....she pissed off Mr Burdon soon after, and 'Gonna Send You Back To Walker' was his response.

MANFRED MANN - If You Gotta Go, Go Now (HMV POP 1466) 9/1965
Most of the early Manfred Mann music is just too square for me. This Dylan cover is fine though.

THE KINKS - Everybody's Gonna Be Happy (PYE 7N.15813) 3/1965
This was considered a flop single by The Kinks because it only reached number 17 in the UK charts. The previous 45 'Tired Of Waiting' reached number 1 and hung around the charts for 10 weeks.
Maybe this single flopped because it contains no killer guitar break?

THE HONEYCOMBS - Please Don't Pretend Again (PYE 7N.15664) 6/1964
This was the flip of the massive selling 'Have I The Right'......twangy guitars and echoey production by Joe Meek. He also co-wrote 'Please Don't Pretend Again.'

THE SEARCHERS - When You Walk In The Room (PYE 7N.15694) 9/1964
The Searchers combined 'merseybeat' with 12 string Rickenbacker guitar licks and unknown to them created a new music genre. About 8 months later The Byrds combined 'merseybeat' or the 'English sound' with 12 string Rickenbacker licks and were credited with inventing folk-rock.....

This is a 1964 acetate that was released in small numbers on N.T.B. Records in 1992. The band used this number to warm up for a session but it was recorded.

THE TROGGS - I Want You (Fontana YF 278.128) 7/1966
Punkoid and primitive sounds by some farmers. Wrote about this disc a while ago....http://expo67-cavestones.blogspot.com/2007/10/troggs-with-girl-like-you.html

THE PRETTY THINGS - Get A Buzz (Fontana TE 17442) 8/1965
Energetic fuzz monster by The Pretty Things. 'Get A Buzz' is taken from their second EP 'Rainin' In My Heart' from '65.

THE WHO - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (Brunswick 05935) 5/1965
What an awesome song. This is a rock and roll thrill ride full of menace and attitude. Check out these Pete Townshend lyrics almost spat out by Roger Daltrey...

'Nothing gets in my way,
Not even locked doors.
Don't follow the lines
That were laid out before.'

Incredible performance by Keith Moon. What a genius drummer.

WINSTON'S FUMBS - Real Crazy Apartment (RCA Victor 1612) 7/1967
Jimmy Winston put together his own band after he got kicked out of The Small Faces and replaced by Ian McLagen. This song is totally demented psychedelia with a mod backbeat. Just too much!!

The flip 'Snow White' is more greatness but this time I hear a Syd Barrett influence. This is freakedelic nirvana.

SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - I'm A Man (Fontana TF 785) 1/1967
Surely one of the greatest hammond mod movers of all time.....a classic and simply untouchable.

19 December, 2008


TENDERFOOT KIDS - 'Time Is Up' / 'Intoxication' (Movie Play SN 20.349) 1970

Here's a very interesting 45 to add to your collections from Belgium band The Tenderfoot Kids.

'Time Is Up' is late 60s balladry with a naggingly catchy chorus but the flip 'Intoxication' is perhaps the one to get psych fans interested. This song is laid back psychedelia with a West Coast feel. It's got some neat guitar licks with subtle piano (would have sounded so much cooler with hammond organ).
'Intoxication' comes off sounding like a mix of Spirit and Crosby Stills and Nash.

My copy is the Spanish release on Movie Play.

17 December, 2008


So what's the deal with the myriad of bloggers infesting blogland with free album downloads with associated artwork.
And how many parasites land on 'Renaissance Fair' hoping for a free lunch?

13 December, 2008

THE CREATION - Are Painter Men

"We see our music as colours. It's purple mostly, with red patches and flashes."

The Creation article from Teenbeat Annual 1968

09 December, 2008


No Time For Squares - Part 3
More British mod beat action pact from the 60s....some nuggets you may have missed but are recommended by Renaissance Fair. Ain't got no time for squares here!
And this ain't no free sweet shop. This is a personal comp for my own enjoyment and perhaps a few friends. Go and and find these records yourself and enjoy the chase.

THE OUTER LIMITS - Help Me Please (Deram DM125) 4/1967
Mod beat winner with a soul touch.....sounds like a rougher Spencer Davis Group. The band were from Leeds.

PAUL & RICHIE and the CRYIN' SHAMES - Come On Back (Decca F.12483) 9/1966
This was the flip to an average pop song, proving once and for all that most record companies didn't know their arse from their elbow. Classic raunchy mod beat with freakbeat distortion. Produced by the legendary Joe Meek.

THE POETS - Wooden Spoon (Decca F.12569) 2/1967
6th single by mod legends The Poets. Sometimes the wooden spoon is a good thing.

KEITH SHIELDS - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) Decca F.12572) 2/1967
Yet more Decca greatness this time by obscure singer Keith Shields. This is perhaps the best Hey Gyp cover of all time.

DAVE, DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH - All I Want To Do (Fontana TE.17488) 1967
This song is the only decent thing on the 'Loos Of England' EP. Here the worst named group in England turn in solid Beatles inspired beat.

THE CRAIG - I Must Be Mad (Fontana TF 715) 3/1967
Considered by many as a freakbeat classic, although if I was to be picking at straws I'd say freakbeat (ie..beat turned freaky) was generally released in mid to late '66. Maybe this song was recorded then, but released months later when the world went day-glo.

THE CRAIG - Suspense (Fontana TF 715) 3/1967
This is the flip to 'I Must Be Mad' and is more in the soul vein but with some added danger.

CREAM - I Feel Free (Reaction 591011) 12/1966
Break through hit for Cream in early '67. This ranks as the loudest mastered record in my collection. Not many 45s come close to the power on this Reaction record.

THE ARTWOODS - Keep Lookin' (Decca LK 4830) 1966
Cool organ mod mover and only available on the album 'Art Gallery'
THE HOLLIES - Then The Heartaches Begin (Parlophone PMC 7022) 1967
This song was an album cut on 'Evolutions'....and with most things recorded by The Hollies in the 1966/67 period is unmatched beat pop. They leave all the competition behind.
I remember getting the piss taken outta me by a garage pal in 1987 when I played 'Evolutions' one day....hahaha what did he know?

THE HUSH - Grey (Fontana TF 944) 3/1968
Things get a little freaky on this tune, powerful drum patterns and bendy guitar leads make this progressive beat a winner. The A-side 'Elephant Rider' is bubblegummy stuff.

MAJORITY ONE - Get Back Home (Pink Elephant 333.010) 1968
Sadly ignored in England this Brit band had to go to Continental Europe to find interested ears. 'Get Back Home' is a fuzz killer.

THE YARDBIRDS - Psycho Daisies (Columbia DB 8024) 10/1966
Of course the A-side 'Happenings Ten Years Time Ago' is the absolute winner hands down. What an awesome guitar psycher. But flip the 45 over for this fast paced blues rocker, probably thrown together in half an hour.Cool one though all the same.

PROCOL HARUM - Lime Street Blues (Deram DM 126) 5/1967
I've just noticed that this Deram release by Procol Harum was the next one in line after comp opener The Outer Limits...well, well, well what a co-incidence.
The top side of this single was the worldwide hit 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' but hidden away on the B-side is this hammond mod mover.

06 December, 2008


No Time For Squares - Part 2

More beat, pop and psych for you all to look out for hidden away on B-sides or long forgotten A-sides. Everything here is English apart from The Gaylords from Scotland and David McWilliams who was from Northern Ireland.
FIRST GEAR - Leave My Kitten Alone (Pye 7N 15703) 10/1964
Wow, what an absolute killer beat tune. All is very merseybeat and safe until session man Jimmy Page cranks up an awesome guitar break that goes off like an incendiary device. This was released the month I was born.

DAVID JOHN & the MOOD - Pretty Thing (Vocalion V9220) 5/1964
Primitive R'n'B....Sky Saxon sounds like the singer.

SHEL NAYLOR - One Fine Day (Decca F.11856) 8/1964
More coolness from 1964 but just like this record Shel Naylor would remain lost in time.

THE BEATLES - Things We Said Today (Parlophone R 5160) 7/1964
One of the very best Paul McCartney love songs only this is killer beat of the highest order. This tune can be found on the flip of 'A Hard Day's Night'

DOWNLINERS SECT - Find Out What's Happening (Columbia DB 7415) 11/1964
3rd single by the Sect and of course a flop. Those 60s kids were too much into fluff for this purist R'n'B. Maybe the daft deerstalker hat gimmick put off the buying public.

THE GAYLORDS - He's A Good Face, But He's Down And Out (Columbia DB 7805) 12/1965
For those of you who don't know a 'Face' was English slang for 'mod'.... This was their last single before relocating to London and changing their name to The Marmalade.

THE WHO - Out In The Street (Brunswick LAT 8616) 1965
This song was the album opener of 'My Generation'....killer beat touching on to a brand new sound with all of that feedback and distortion.

WAYNE FONTANA & the MINDBENDERS - She's Got The Power (Fontana TE 17449) 1964
This cool beat number can be found on the 'Game Of Love' EP....it's a shame they never recorded more songs like this long lost treasure.

THE HOLLIES - So Lonely (Parlophone R 5322) 8/1965
The Hollies were so good they could afford to place outstanding songs on B-sides. You'll find 'So Lonely' on the flip of the big hit 'Look Through Any Window'....GREAT guitar sound.

DAVE BERRY & the CRUISERS - Hidden (Decca F.12337) 1/1966
AWESOME beat moodiness from Dave Berry...fantastic production, magical vocals and well, just sheer class. So why the fuck was it 'hidden' on a B-side?? and why is it usually ignored for any Dave Berry 'Best Of'?? All of those kiddie Americans who released so called 'moody' records couldn't even come close to 'Hidden'.

THE SORROWS - Let Me In (Piccadilly 7N 35336) 8/1966
Released just after England won the World Cup in 1966. So why didn't the English celebrate the national success by buying this record...what a bunch of losers...stick to buying your fuckin' Lulu and Tom Jones.....THEE best R'n'B band England has ever produced.

THE TREMELOES - As You Are (CBS 3234) 1/1968
This song demonstrated that pop pickers The Tremeloes could also mix it with some pop psych sounds. Sadly one of their first flop singles.

PAUL & BARRY RYAN - Madrigal (MGM 1385) 2/1968
Toytown pop psychedelia with just a hint of Syd Barrett.

DAVID McWILLIAMS - Day's Of Pearly Spencer (Sono Play SN-20.056) 9/1967
At last a hit record!!! This one did well over most of Europe aswell. David McWilliams came up with mixing a simple folk song with strings and weird vocal effects to produce his masterpiece.