14 February, 2015


SIMON & GARFUNKEL - "Sounds Of Silence" (CBS BPG 62690) January 1966

Quite possibly my most played album since discovering it in my mid teens. Recently I set about securing MONO releases of this and their next album "Parsley, Sage Rosemary & Thyme"

The songs were mostly recorded during April - June 1965 but the album took an age (by sixties standards) to get a release, eventually coming out at the start of January '66.
Check out "Blessed" also recorded and released as a single by The Tremeloes.

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit...
Blessed is the lamb, whose blood flows...
Blessed are the sat upon, spat upon, ratted on...
Oh Lord, why have you forsaken me?"

Teen Scoop magazine 1967

publicity photo


THE BYRDS - "Fifth Dimension" (Columbia CL 2549) July 1966

The Byrds' first instrumental emerged during a break between  recording sessions when they were riffing on Lee Dorsey's "Get Out Of My Life Woman" 

recorded: 18th May, 1966


13 February, 2015


THE BYRDS - "Younger Than Yesterday" (Columbia CL 2642) February 1967

"Thoughts And Words" is arguably Chris Hillman's finest solo composition and I would even say that (in my opinion) it is a sonic art masterpiece. The melody and harmonies are wondrous then there are those interludes of eerie sitar-like sounds of backwards guitars. Sublime.

recorded: 6th December 1966

10 February, 2015


BERT JANSCH - "It Don't Bother Me" (Transatlantic Records 132) December 1965

"Tinker's Blues"
Tinker is a pussy cat, who strides through our flat and amuses himself by being rescued by firemen from the topmost chimney of the house.

Recorded at Pye Studios, London (April 1965)

09 February, 2015


SIMON & GARFUNKEL - "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" (CBS 62860) October 1966

Almost before the public knew whether Simon and Garfunkel was a comedy act, a law firm, or a partnership in the garment industry, the two young musicians bearing those names were becoming the fastest rising popular vocal duo in the land. The last year has seen two of their LPs and four of their singles sell an amazing total of five million copies. Even more unusual is that these records are saying something, in lyrics and in music, and that the start of their popular acceptance came through the use of an electronic gimmick.

Paul Simon: "Pop music has become the most exciting area of all music today. Pop music is catching up with film as the leading medium in which to make some comment about the world for a large audience, just as film caught up with literature."

(back cover album liners)

08 February, 2015


SIMON & GARFUNKEL - "Wednesday Morning, 3AM" (CBS 63370) October 1964

"The Sounds Of Silence" is a major work. We were looking for a song on a larger scale, but this was more than either of us expected. Paul had the theme and the melody set in November, but three months of frustrating attempts were necessary before the song "burst forth". On February 19, 1964, the song practically wrote itself.

It's theme is man's inability to communicate with man. The author sees the extent of communication as it is on only it's most superficial and 'commercial' level (of which the "neon sign" is representative). There is no serious understanding because there is no serious communication - "people talking without speaking - hearing without listening"

No one dares take the risk of reaching out ("take my arms that I might reach you") to disturb the sound of silence. The poet's attempts are equally futile ("but my words like silent raindrops fell within the wells of silence")

The ending is an enigma. I find my own meaning in it, but like most good works, it is best interpreted by each person individually. The words tell us that when meaningful communication fails, the only sound is silence.

(Art Garfunkel - words taken from the back cover of the album)

SIMON & GARFUNKEL - The Sounds Of Silence (stereo)