25 September, 2016


KATCH 22 - "Major Catastrophe" / "Hold Me" (Fontana TF 768) November 1966

This sought after freakbeat single by Katch 22 doesn't come up for sale very often so I was pleased to capture a copy a few months ago on eBay for a decent price too.

Katch 22 released five singles on Fontana between 1966 and 1969, all of which flopped. But despite no commercial success they were still able to record a studio album. I don't have a copy of the album but I've read elsewhere that it's a soft rock affair and not like this tormented piece of beat.

"Major Catastrophe" is an overload of fuzz guitar and brass flourishes. It doesn't sound to me like this would have had any chance of making the Charts in 1966, it's far too way-out. But for me it's the most exciting thing the group created.

Both sides were recorded at Olympic Sound Studios in London during two sessions. (20/09/66 and 03/10/66). Accompaniment by Harry Roberts. Now I suspect this is the same person who wrote and produced The Spectrum who released records on RCA Victor.


EDDIE HODGES - "Shadows And Reflexions" / "Love Could Rule The World" (Sunburst 773) November 1967

This is the second time out for Eddie Hodges on my blog, this time it's his version of "Shadows And Reflexions" which was also recorded by The Lownly Crowde, The Action and The Byzantine Empire.

The song was co-written by his friend Tandym Almer who's famous for being the author of "Along Comes Mary", the big hit for The Association. I first became aware of his song "Shadows And Reflections" (without the "X") via English mod group The Action. I must admit being a little surprised when I heard that it had also been recorded by early 1960s teenage pop star Eddie Hodges.

This particular take has that typical late 1967 American baroque pop feel and is superbly produced by the team responsible for much of The Chocolate Watch Band output, including Ed Cobb and Richard Podolor.


FRIDAYS KEEPERS - "Take Me For A Ride" / "Sorrow At My Door" (Momentum 676) 196?

I sadly failed to win this incredible tripped out and dreamy psychedelic disc on eBay the other day. Copies seldom appear for sale, this one sold to the highest bidder for $225.
Dig the acid mind blowing vibrations of "Take Me For A Ride." This kind of dreamy psychedelia with vocal harmonies, strings, orchestration and backwards guitar is a joy to hear. The other side is "Sorrow At My Door" which I've not heard.

Probably from Los Angeles. It's only ever appeared on one compilation over the years - on "Psychedelic Unknowns" Volume 6

"Take me for a ride
On the river in your mind.
Take me for a ride
Let me see what I can find."

18 September, 2016


THE CHERRY SLUSH - "I Cannot Stop You" / "Don't Walk Away" (U.S.A. Records 895) January 1968

A group of teenagers from Saginaw, MI almost hit the big time with this single which was written and produced by Dick Wagner. "I Cannot Stop You" is a memorable and very commercial sounding disc with lots of hammond organ frills and brass instrumentation.

The single had seen an earlier release on local label Coconut Groove during November 1967 and the re-release on U.S.A Records almost broke The Cherry Slush nationally. The record was even released in Germany on Cornet Records and came housed in a picture sleeve.

I was surprised to find that several websites cover the Cherry Slush and there is even a Facebook page devoted to the group. Go here for more information and photographs.

04 September, 2016


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